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for  Ticketmaster Product, International

Ticketmaster Site: I was part of the team that redesigned Ticketmaster’s main e-commerce site which is being used across 10 international markets. This was a huge project but welcomed opportunity to work and learn.

I drew responsible in the initial stages for designing wireframes during workshops, defining the look-and-feel and creating UI patterns. Working closely with the UX team, I provided UI variants for MVT (Minimum Viable Tests), two simple versions of which you can see below.

In addition, I created landing pages, ads and icons for different products as part of the wider project, as well as seasonal creativities and events.

The project offered me great learnings and insight into such a wide-ranging project and opportunity to understand an e-commerce website from different angles, markets and goals.

Examples of the Danish, German and Spanish Ticketmaster sites:

DA | DE | ES

Ticketmaster Denmark →

Ticketmaster Germany →

Ticketmaster Spain →